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Deleting duplicate emails in outlook

Recently I started using Microsoft 365 for my email, instead of the gmail account I've had since the start of gmail. My mailbox is also a part of my life's archive, so I migrated the mail from gmail to Exchange Online, just like almost 2 decades ago I migrated all my emails to my brand new gmail account. Anyway, during the recent migration to Exchange Online something got messed up, or most likely I messed up, but somehow a lot of messages were duplicated. Some even had 4 duplicates, resulting in a mailbox containing 144000 messages. I connected Outlook to the mailbox, let it download all mail, and was hoping I could remove the duplicates using the "Clean up Folder" functionality that you see when right-clicking on a folder. It did remove some duplicates, but most duplicates remained.  So, I started looking online for a free tool that could remove duplicate messages from Outlook, and there appear to be a lot of tools, but non of them free. Well, some are free but they